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Eat Zote (Enjoy your Money) by David Lutalo
Osobola by Leila Kayondo and Sheebah
Hana Remix by Pallaso and Jose Chameleone
Serial Killer by Naira Ali
Mwaga by Fik Fameica Ft Rayvanny
Wankulira by Eddy Kenzo
Bitulobesa by Buka Chimey
Bambi by King Saha
Ghetto by Eddy Kenzo
Tulumbidwa by Fik Fameica and Nutty Neithan
Im Back by Roja Maloboozi ft Gideon Tdjakes
Glass by Daxx Kartel
Tonsuna by Jose Chameleone Feat Papa Cidy
Byakyuuka by B2C Ent
Fati by Mun G
Password by Mary Nantayiro ft Pallaso
Salawo by Fik Fameica
Best Friend by Spice Diana Ft King Saha
Kyoyoya by John Blaq ft Daddy Andre
Muswade by Fik Fameica
Exercise by Sheebah
Kisaaganda by Chris Evans Ft Maureen Nantume
Watching You by Levixone
Turn the Replay by Levixone
Mapozi by Vinka
Jimpe by Lydia Jazmine
Sweet by Van Denis Feat Raster Clever
Princess by Van Denis
Okyimanye by Van Denis
Mackline by Van Denis
Call Me by Lil Kay
Nesunze by Lil Kay
Whine Slow by Kohen Jaycee
Dombolo by Jabro
One in a Million by Bbob ft Maurice Cooper
Abantu Bayiwa by Darktee
Onkuba by Master G
Kitoko by Master G
Something by Nadia Rania
Wakulemye by Gravity Omutujju
Nawambye by Feffe Bussi
Sister by Kalifah Aganaga
Anayinama by Nina Roz
No Yawa by Big Tril
Baiby Yana by Geosteady
Bankuza by Chozen Becky
Sugar Daddy by Irene Ntale
Matala by Winnie Nwagi
We NiWangu by Gift Ov Kaddo and Weasel
Nsiima by Maro and Rema Namakula
Guli Wano by Apass
Byafayo by Voltage music (Kent and Flosso)
Settle by Latinum and Vinka
Onkolera by Desire Luzinda
Binyuma Biti by Cosign ft. Nutty Neithan and DJ Ciza
Dont Care by Eddy Kenzo
Koona by Ray Signature
Sili Muyembe by Rema Namakula
Omwoyo by Sheebah
Heart of a Winner by B2C
Kampala Whine by Feffe Buusi Ft Magnom and Dj Bryan
Love Again by Fille
Obeera Wwa by Cosign
Bad Energy by Cosign and Dj Ciza
Midnight Drum by Apass , Fik Fameica, Rouge ft Dj Maphorisa
Silyejusa by Nadia Rania
Feelings by Nadia Rania
Limbo dance by Feffe Bussi and Ibra Buwembo
Abawulu by Daxx Kartel
Twegalire by Navio
Finally by Geosteady
Tatizo by Jose Chameleon
Hana by Pallaso
Mukomboti by Eddy Kenzo
Tonsukuma by Fik Fameica
Work Out by Maurice Cooper
Touch You by Maurice Cooper
Out and Frass by Maurice Cooper
My Surprise by Maurice Cooper
Grap a gyal by Maurice Cooper
Gallis Reputation by Maurice Cooper
Bubble Up by Maurice Cooper
Bubble left and right by Maurice Cooper
Now by Spice Diana ft Daddy Andre
Atakutya Gwentya by Mun g ft Nutty Neithan
Ntwale Ani by Fille and B2C
Zaabu by Juliana Kanyomozi
Dancehall by Eddy Kenzo ft Cindy and Beenie Gunter
All the Best by Ray Signature
Tukwatagane by John Blaq
Romantic by John Blaq
Awo by Ang3lina and Voltage Music (Kent and Flosso)
Sikunenya by Chris Evans
Bikaye by Ziza Bafana
People Power by Gravity Omutujju
Lumya by Chozen Blood
Kwata Bukwasi by Fik Fameica and Eth
Mbakooye by Eddy Kenzo
Like you Never by OJ Ira
Tonight by OJ Ira
Bum Bum by Stereo
Bodaboda by Big Tril
Free Bobi Wine by Pallaso
Sibalaba by Big Tril
Omukwano Gwo by Vinka
Mpa Love by King Saha ft Weasel
Time Table by Ykee Benda and Reekado Banks
Nyama by Mun G
Ndi Mu Love by Ndi Mu love
Wankona by Sheebah
Forever by Master G
My Neigbour by Master G
Tugende Maaso by Master G
Thank you Lord by Mettaman
Mbio Mbio by Mettaman
Ntoba by Treacky Bee
Nakoowa by Treacky Bee
Gusukunda by Treacky Bee
Yegwe Munange by Treacky Bee and SweedMan
Where are You by Ray Signature
Twala by Buka Chimey
Kibooko by Kalifah Aganaga and Jose Chameleone
Post Me by Irene Ntale ft Mr.Eazi
Woman by Kalifah Aganaga
Ojja Kunzita by Lydia Jazmine
Hit and Run by Lydia Jazmine
Nakusiima by David Lutalo
Aye by Kent and Flosso (Voltage Music)
Sembera by Bruno K
Too Bad by Ray Signature and Deejay Pius
Onabaayo by Ykee Benda
Tomanyiira by Chozen Blood
Balage by Latinum
Sweet Love by Vinka ft John Blaq
Tewebuusa by Nina Roz
Nkulowozako by Sheebah and Alvin Kizz
Zamba the Great by GNL Zamba
Dont Break my Heart by Ray Signature
Mutujjeko Omusolo by Lil Pazo
Bwebityo by Spice diana
Emisolo by Santana Karma
Nakikute by Feffe Bussi ft VIP Jemo
Very Well by Slick Stuart and DJ Roja ft King Saha
Akatuli by Mun G
Touch my Body by Rema Namakula
Born to Win by Fik Fameica
Ensonga by Allan Toniks
Saawa ya Kyupa by Gamit and Santana
Nazaala by Ziza Bafana
Am Coming (Remix) by Pallaso and Weasel
Ebitengo by Fik Fameica ft Zulanda
Hold On by Ken Hatim
She Want it by Ken Hatim
No You No Life by B2C ft The Ben
Munange by Winnie Nwagi
Mary Jane by Mowzey Radio
Nkubika by Vinka
Mummy by A pass
Kankwebaze by New chapter Africa
Bano Bano by Roden Y Kabako
Aminati by Ykee Benda
Kameza by Feffe Bussi and Spice Diana
Biri Biri by King Saha
Tubikole by Fik Fameica and Vinka
The Time by Maryna
The best Version of me (Remix) by Maryna
The best Version of me by Maryna
Loose Yourself by Maryna
Live your Life by Maryna
I love you,I love your Dog by Maryna
Can you hear Me by Maryna
Ondobessa by Maryna
Kyarenga by Bobi Wine
Munyiiza by Sheebah ft Tip Swizzy
Beera Nange Remix by Sheebah ft Feffe Bussi
Podium by Big Eye
Nze Ani by Maurice Kirya
Gimme Yo Luv by Ang3lina
Nze Bwentyo by Sakrim Hasa
Pull Up by Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize
Sente Diliwo by Buka Chimey
You and Me by Lydia Jazmine and Daddy Andre
Black Panther by Gravity Omutujju
Good Over Evil by Weasel
Mpa Nkuwe by Beenie Gunter ft Maro
Bad Segu by Feffe Bussi
Out of My head by Angella Katatumba ft Kuzi Kz
All About You by Angella Katatumba
Embeera Zo by Sheebah ft Bruce Melody
Controla by Sakrim Hasa ft King Dirios
Yours Sincerely (Vibranium Freestyle) by GNL Zamba
Onnina by Cindy Sanyu
Iddi Amin Dada by Feffe Bussi
Kili Mumwe by Ziza Bafana and Barbi Jay
Nasimatuka X by Spice Diana
Say Goodbye by Jose Chameleon and Allan Toniks
Sconto by Fik Fameica ft Wembley
On My Way by King Saha
Omutindo by Feelo and Inqo
Kyakwatayo by Feelo and Inqo
Be with You by Feelo and Inqo
Mutuute by Feelo and Inqo
Obasinga by Fille
Im into you by Geosteady ft Korede Bello
Podium by DJ Krim ft Santana and T Bro
Gendako Ewamwe by Santana Karma
Whistle by Ykee Benda and Rema
Sweep dem Away by Darktee
One man by Darktee
Maama by Darktee
Ki Power by Darktee
Sabula by Fille
Mummy Yo by Sheebah
Beera Nange by Sheebah
Smile by Coco Finger
Romance by Allan Toniks
Teeka by Ceaserous
Bunsonsomola by Winnie Nwaji
Nsaba Twogere by Bobi Wine ft Nubian Li
Nteredde by Bobi Wine ft Nubian Li
Love Yekyalo by Buka Chimey ft Maro
About You by Sakrim Hasa
Dis Gal by Khan Givas
Like you Deserve by B2C
Tolingiliza by Gravity Omutujju and David Lutalo
Who is Who by Feffe Bussi
Mbaayo by Nina Roz
Olumya Bano by Nina Roz
International Baby by Nina Roz and Beenie Gunter
Ebilowozo by Nina Roz
No Fear by Nutty Neithan
Chips Na Ketchup by Vinka
Nielewe (Do you Mind) by Navio and Vanessa Mdee
Property by Fik Fameica
Gukuba by Irene Ntale
Killa Migino by Kent and Flosso (Voltage Music)
Ampalana by Gravity Omutujju
Thirty Two (32) by Spice Diana Ft Weasel
Tewali Mbeera by OS suna ft Gravity
Tokyayitaba by Weasel
Baby Shakira by David Lutalo
Kankuwane by Weasel
Yafiisi by Nutty Neithan
Omukululo (Radio Tribute) by Aziz Azion
Twebereremu by Spice Diana
Bambwa by Maro
Dont Stop by Maro, Zuli Tums, NaiBoi and Proff
Kaddemu Awo by Beenie Gunter and Fik Fameika
Wanyonona by B2C
Vaayo by Eddy Kenzo
Tribute song to Radio by King Saha
Bye Bye Radio by Ziza Bafana
Mukama Nyongera Amaanyi by Mowzey Radio
Tambula Nange by Mowzey Radio
Didadada by A Pass
Wangi by Vampino
Omuliro by Nina Roz
Love Doctor by Vinka
Kyuma by Radio and Weasel ft Spice Diana
WakiKyenga by Geosteady
Fire Dancer by Slim Prince and Winnie Nwagi
Aleese Work by Mun G
Boss Lady by Legacy Ug
Dream Chaser by Legacy Ug
The Heat by Eddy Kenzo
Mama by Radio and Weasel
Mafia by Fik Fameica
Try my Love by Sheebah
Olina Work by Beenie Gunter ft Skales
Sukuma by B2C
Mateeka by Dr Jose Chameleone
Olimba by Chozen Blood
Malaika by Omulangila Suuna (OS)
Kirabe by Dr Jose Chameleone
Booty by Pallaso
Sickness Nkugoba by Rodger Maloboozi
Bimpe by Spice Diana
Embuzi Zakutude by Gravity Omutujju
Leero by Omulangira Suuna
Ngonyumye by Omulangira Suuna
Mmh Mmh by Omulangira Suuna
Ozina Bulungi by Eddie Wizzy and Fille
Kugulu Kumu by Santana Karma ft Kent and Flosso
Lola by Radio and Weasel
Sumn you neva had by Dj Slick Stuart and Dj Roja ft Winnie Nwagi
Awesome by Kojjo Derrick
Champion by Jose Chameleone
Baani by Latinum
Merry Xmas by Ykee Benda
Sweet Love by Ykee Benda
Onabaayo by Ykee Benda
Diana by Ykee Benda
Singa by Ykee Benda
Ebisaanyi (Remix) by Bruno K and Kabuye Ssemboga
Baleke by Navio, Nutty Neithan, Naava, Geosteady, Mun G and Martha Smallz
I wanna Know You by Exodus and Fille
Happy Christmas day by Mjf Freytor
Leero Lwaffe by Chris Evans
Masuuka by Lydia Jazmine
Vva Muno by Roden Y
Amenvu by A pass
One by One by Cindy and Skales
Side Mirror by Geosteady
Tewali by David Lutalo and Wilson Bugembe
Gimme De Wyn by Fik Fameica, Beenie Gunter and Don Atta
Romantic by Sakrim Hasa
Come Back by Sakrim Hasa
Omu (One) by Sakrim Hasa Ft King Dirios
Final by Sakrim Hasa
Feel Alright by Sakrim Hasa ft Gisa Cyinganzo
Ani by Gravity Omutujju
Only You by Coco Finger ft Maria A
Cant Stop The Fire by Kemishan and Santana
Sunshine by Maurice Kirya
Never Get Enough by Maurice Kirya
Love me Now by Maurice Kirya
Heart Back by Maurice Kirya
Headmaster by Maurice Kirya
Dreams are Free by Maurice Kirya
Heaven on Earth by Maurice Kirya
Crippin by Maurice Kirya
Kunya by Sheebah and Eth
Done by Radio and Weasel Ft Locnville
Linya Class by Maro
Business by Feffe Bussi
Gwobimala by Winnie Nwagi and Rekoda Feelings
Awo by Big Tril
Kiseela by Eddy Kenzo
Mbulira Ebiri by Daxx Kartel
Gwe Abisobola by Fik Fameica and Byaxy
Freedom by Bobi Wine
Kola Nabino by Ceaserous
Anti Kale by Spice Diana
Romantic Call by Mowzey Radio
Anything you like by Maurice Kirya
Nyabo Ssebo by Fik Fameica ft Hellen Lukoma
Wangu by Natacha ft Sheebah
Cold by Ivory Namara
Malaika by Vinka
African Baibe by Geosteady
Get Up Speak Up by Geosteady ft Rockies Troupe
Am Ready by Geosteady
Push Back by Dj Rocky ft. Ketchup, Cindy and Peter Miles
Sembera by Joy Good
Naiwe by Joy Good
Nsumuludde by Mjf Freytor
Kimanye by Assy Prosper
Kutama by Fik Fameica
Calling yo Number by Gavana Cymo ft Eddy Kenzo
Kapande by B2C ft Eddy Kenzo
Wakajanja by Juliana Kanyomozi
Mukyalawo by Gravity omutujju
Romantic by Genesis
Superman by Ykee Benda
Kizunguzungu by Fille
Gunfumita by Aziz Azion
Superstar by Jose Chameleone
Woololo by David Lutalo
Byenyenya by Fik Fameica
Batutunze by Ziza Bafana
Pon mi by Dj roja and Dj Slick stuart ft Beenie Gunter
Whine yo Waist by Cindy Sanyu
Tombowa by Vampino
Stamina Daddy by Irene Ntale
Taboo by Apass and Karl Wolf
Olobedde Kunze by Feffe Bussi and Navio
Entebe Ewooma by Gravity Omutujju
Tikula by Rema Namakula
Damn by Chozen Blood and Desire Luzinda
Tonight by Bantu Clan
Oli Kirabo by Winnie Nwagi
Kanki Feelingemu by Santana
Onina by Sheebah
Soma by Pallaso
Over Dose by Voltage (Kent and Flosso) and Vinka
Gimme Your Love by Hillary Jeremy
Tewali Mulala by Hillary Jeremy
Twerk by Hillary Jeremy
Nakwegomba by Hillary Jeremy
Yegwe by Hillary Jeremy
Slay Queen by Chozen Blood Ft Ace B
Mbeera zo by Short gun
Black, Yellow, Red by Keyner
Mile by David Lutalo ft Solid Star
What a man by Desire Luzinda
Kagwilawo by Latinum
Ndabivuze by Lilian Mbabazi
Team Mukiibi by Mun G
Drum by Lydia Jazmine
Babiee by Avril ft A pass
Super Woman by Bobi wine ft Nubian Li
Muwe by Sheebah
Weekend by Sheebah ft Runtown
Nze Wuwo by Sheebah ft Solid Star
Business by Kalifah Aganaga
Otembeya by Gravity and Renah Nalumansi
Silya Mukene by Mun G
Eba Mpya by Chozen Blood
Right Here by Juliana Kanyomozi
Mshamba by Jose Chameleone
Bukete by Spice Diana
Wakikuba by Dj Shiru ft Aziz Azion
One for the Road by Bruno K
Yele by Eddy Kenzo
Kunyooma by Ken Hatim
Sauna by Ken Hatim
Customer by Ken Hatim
Byange by Rabadaba
Banyiga Wa by Nutty Neithan ft Rhoda K
Tonjooga by Ibra Buwembo Ft Ykee Benda, Dokta brain, Feffe bussi and Alvin kizz
So high by Naira Ali
Typa Guy by Martha Smallz ft Maurice Kirya
Boogie Down by Irene Ntale and Stone Bwoy
Stamina by Kent and Flosso
Hakuna Matata by Dj Shiru ft latinum and Spice Diana
She Wine by Latinum, Ykee Benda, Fik Fameica and Weasel
Hand Bag by Mina Izah
Okaluba by Mina Izah
Kintu by Radio and Weasel
Gutamiiza by B2c Ft Radio and Weasel
Binkolera by Sheebah ft The ben
Tuli Kumukutu by Kalifah Aganaga and Vanilla
Gyals Dem Nice by Kemishan
Air time by Big Eye
Tire by Joy Good
Sili Yala by Joy Good
Genda by Joy Good
Byakola by Joy Good and Ziza Bafana
Action by Joy Good
Romantic by Genesis
Nkwata Bulungi by Fille and Coco Ug
Bobi Wine by Pryce Teeba
Sugar Girl by A pass
Only Love You by Vinka
Boogera by Yung Mulo
Tompanvuya by Don Mc Kapaata
Emyaka by Gravity Omutujju
John Rambo by Sheebah
Tambula Nange by Radio and Weasel
For Your Love by Tindy Twayla ft Naira Ali
Part 2 by Feffe Bussi
Tereela by Eddy Kenzo
Body to Body by Bantu Clan
Tebalina Lomance by Santana
Fire and Butter by Radio and Weasel ft Beenie Man and M.I
Oh Na Na by Ang3lina
Barua Kwa Mama by Bahati ft Eddy Kenzo
Ebilooto by Ykee Benda
Emu Temala by Nutty Neithan
Bimusseeko by Rodger Maloboozi
Tolinvaamu by Rodger Maloboozi
Nguwe Ani by David Lutalo ft Chris Evans
Faya by Big Tril ft Seyi Shay
Talanta by Beenie Gunter
Nkubanja by Lydia Jazmine
Insane by Maurice Kirya
Double Trouble Remix by Jose Chameleone ft DJ Shiru
Man Away by Latinum
Olaba Otya by Winnie Nwagi
Show Me by Winnie Nwagi
Sofia by Short Gun
Gal yo murder by Daxx Cartel and tip swizzy
Ndi Muwanguzi by Bowman
Sitani Tonkema by Roden Y, Sheebah and Fik Fameica
Lydia by David Lutalo
Mama by New chapter Africa
Only Love by Kali 21 ft Sonny Soweez
Abadde Awo by A pass
No Edit by Jera ft Geosteady
Love Elinye by Jera
Naawe by Jera
Ka kiss by Jera
Nzitowaa (EDM) by New chapter Africa
Nzitowaa by New chapter Africa
Nabibuse (Dance Version) by New chapter Africa
Nabibuse by New chapter Africa
Binji by New chapter Africa
OMG by New chapter Africa
Yoona jooli by Mic Dee Bowman
Kyana Gwe by Mic Dee Bowman
Omale Ombwake by Nina Roz
Ndagga by Nina Roz
Malaika by Ykee Benda
Kapanka by Bantu Clan
Nze (Me) by Lanie Banks
selaga (talk to me) by Lanie Banks
Party by Assy Prosper
Message by Assy Prosper
Dangerous by Weasel
Up in the Air by Cindy ft Kemishan, DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Roja
Uganda by Bobi wine ft Nubian Li
Home To Africa by PJ powers ft Radio and Weasel
Njiira by Zulanda
Olukoba by Winnie Nwagi
Bantute by Big Eye Starboss
Marijuanna by Pro vyda
Nyo Baby by Renah Nalumansi
Omuntu by David Lutalo
Ninze Gwe by Fille and Jazz Mavako
Shauri Yako by Eddy Kenzo
Kilila by Ceaserous
Enjala by Sheebah Karungi
Sikutta by Nina Roz
Mekete by Nina Roz ft Roden Y Kabako
Assured by Nina Roz
Maama Nkusabira by Sarah Musayimuto
In the Mood by Vinka
Ozingulula by Geosteady and Emi
Tubalina by Minayo Ft Roden Y, Feffe Bussi and Nutty Neithan
Nakupenda (I love You) by Fille
Kyolowoza by Irene Ntale
Nziranago by Maro
Nakowa Omuzanyo by A Pass
Yanziba by A Pass
Omuvubuka by A Pass
Im still here by Juliana Kanyomozi
Sawa Ya kuzina by Pallaso
Gababuguma by Weasel
Mwoyo by Naira Ali
Kale by Desire Luzinda
Oli Kuki by Sheebah and Dokta Brain
Silivia by AMooti ft Small Boy and Flooka Man
Nfanana Zuena by Gravity Omutujju
Kampala by Pallaso
Muyaye by Zanie Brown
You Know i love You by J.C Muyonjo
Father by J.C Muyonjo ft Ruyonga
Kanoonye by J.C Muyonjo
If We Try by J.C Muyonjo
No Love by J.C Muyonjo
Tubeelayo by Pro Vyda
Remember me by Radio and Weasel (Goodlyfe)
Tomanyi by Irene Ntale
Gyenva by Kali 21
Tuli Byaffe (Epic Riddim) by Beenie Gunter
Lwaki Wanzita (Epic Riddim) by Toniks
Attention by Naira Ali ft DJ Slick Stuart and Roja
Nkwagala by Dr Hilderman and King Saha
Sili Mujjawo by Dr Jose Chameleone
Yes No by Feffe Bussi
Tosumagira by Exodus
Omumbejja by Jose Chameleone ft Serena Bata
Menya Eggumba by Eddie Wizzy and Ykee Benda
Nsisitila by Minayo
Ndaga omukwano Gwo by Yung Mulo
Byonkola by Ykee Benda
Bad Gyal Ting by Big Tril
Show Dem by Mjf Freytor
Remera Amuramwa by Dm Swaga ft Mr Zea
Tonfaako by Fatty Trix
Nsonga Busonzi by Fatty Trix
Bamimwa Gyabwe by Aziz Azion ft Raf X
Wekigunda by Sweetlah
Banyabo by Rema Namakula
Jubilation by Eddy Kenzo
Bagumenyeka by Genesis
My Soul by Kali 21
Come On Over by The Mith
Stylo by Vinka ft Irene Ntale
Level by Vinka
Nze Mutuufu by Eddy Kenzo
Omutima Gwesibye by Irene Ntale
Tokendeeza by Geosteady
Akagaali by Spice Diana Ft Munna U and Mosh Mavoko
Bizibu Byo (Epic Riddim) by Ykee Benda
Pull up (remix) by Kent and Flosso (Voltage Music) ft wyre and Gabbu(p-unit)
Joker by Ziza Bafana
Leader (Epic Riddim) by A pass
Rock With Me by Rema Namakula
Specioza by Bobi Wine
Yonna Gyemba by Irene Ntale ft Coco UG
Nkwatako (Remix) by sheebah ft solidstar
Tornado by Latinum
So mi Want by Latinum
Baabo by Latinum
Amanya Gange by Latinum
Lights Off by Latinum ft Shine
Nengobelela by Latinum ft Hash Rymu
Ova Kampala by Latinum
Ready Know by Latinum and Beenie Gunter
Zimenya by Latinum
Zimenya by Latinum
Omutaputa by Zanie Brown
Dance with Me by Bantu Clan ft Maro
Rise by Kali 21
Flying Colours by Kali 21
Enough by Kali 21
Dare by Kali 21
Baliwa by Kali 21
Sente Zange by Mun G
Nzuuno by Rabadaba
Superstar by Dr Jose Chameleone
Yo Sweet by Rema Namakula
Niwe Yahwe by Moze Radio
Twelageko by Irene Ntale
2016 Wrap Up by St Nelly Sade
Secret Lover by Tindy Twayla
Wankyawa by Mowzey Radio
Skip A Bit by Sheebah
Omunyankole by Kalifah Aganaga
Gakutaka by Roden Y
Cherie by Lydia Jazmine
Tukumbe by Lydia Jazmine
Yita Waiter by Zulanda
Time by Jose Chameleone ft Mesach Semakula
Bum Sakata by Sheebah
Tompaana by Eddy Kenzo and Beenie Gunter
Nanfuka (Remix) by Roden Y
Easy by Roden Y
Nguliko by Sweetlah
Take Me higher by Sweetlah
Kayimba Kange by Sweetlah
Dancehall Hero by Sweetlah
Gangstar Love by Sweetlah
Good Feeling by Sweetlah and Nutty Neithan
Ayaya by Sweetlah
Kazoole by Fille and Babaritah
Akateeteyi by Chozen Blood and Feffe Bussi
Amaanyi by Renah Nalumansi ft Shwarz
Yegwe weka by Mjf Freytor
Cheza by Voltage Music (Kent and Flosso)
Katononyo by Rabadaba
Addicted by Eddy Kenzo ft Alaine
Cash Cash by Ziza Bafana
Woman (No One Like You) by Coco Finger
Detergent by Winnie Nwagi
Pull Up by Voltage music (Kent and Flosso)
Panadol by Radio and Weasel (goodlyfe) ft Jose chameleone
Tokombako by Spice Diana
Big Bumper by Mun G and Kemishan
Conquer by Kalifah Aganaga,Ziza Bafana and Spilla Don
Work by King Saha and Dr Propa
Eva by Ykee Benda, Dj Slick Stuart and Dj Roja
Run This City by Cindy Sanyu
Nalwanawo by King Saha
Sembera by King Saha
Kyanagwe by Leila Kayondo
Guarantee by Dr Jose Chameleone ft King Michael
Omuntu by Sheebah Karungi and Lydia Jazmine
Tumunonye by Navio
Leesu by Mowzey Radio
Wololo by Pallaso
Nyinimu by Exodus
Haters by Mun g
Lwakisa by Desire Luzinda
Obasinga by Eddy Kenzo and Gravity omutujju
Emotoka by Lil Pazo
A million Girls by Ceasorous
Sample by Nutty Neithan and Voltage Music
Ntwalako Out by Radio and Weasel
Kwasa by David Lutalo
Bigambo by Gravity Omutujju ft Radio
Mukwano Gwo by Zulanda and Winnie Nwagi
The Way by Sheebah
Dance like This by A pass and Ibra Buwembo
Muleese by King Saha
Weyiiye by Ray Signature
Sembera Eno by Eddy Kenzo
Malaika by Ray Signature
Make some Love by Bruno k
Njabala by B2C and Spice diana
Tokigeza by B2C
Medicine by Aziz Azion
Byakyaalo by Chozen Blood
Byebyo by Chozen Blood
Wine Up by AVM
Tuzine by AVM
Kwata Ko by AVM
Emergency by AVM
Happy by AVM
Jaribu by Fille Music ft Sammy Rich
Nighe by Maro
Am loving by Khan G
Sweet Banana by Jose Chameleone
Waiting on you by Fille and Kay Switch
Zzina by Legacy Ft Cosy
Dynamo by Legacy Ft Velocity
Boy by Legacy ft jaspa ft lazbeats
Star by Fatty Trix
Sinamakosa by Fatty Trix
Njimuwa by Fatty Trix
Muliwa by Fatty Trix
I need some by Fatty Trix
Body by Rabadaba ft Jody
Hallo by Dr Jose Chameleone ft Radio and Weasel(Goodlyfe)
Nkuziniremu by Big eye Starboss
Plenty Plenty by Radio and Weasel
Ahabwenki by DM Swaga
Ikiriza okunde by DM Swaga
Hold Me by Ykee Benda and Yuny Kamau
Lets Go by Eddy Kenzo
Ndi byange by Eddy Kenzo
Movie Star by Mi Casa and Eddy Kenzo
Owaye by Nutty Neithan and Dr Hilderman
Mukwano Gwo by Peter miles
Gwe Asinga by Myco Johnson
Byawongo by Nampeera Mulekwa
sibalaba by Rema Namakula
Omutima by Allan Toniks
Kimala by Desire Luzinda
Lighter by DJ shiru ft A pass
Nguliko by Kalifah Aganaga
Tonumya by Sheebah Karungi and Diamond Oscar
Akkuse by Sheebah Karungi
Good Bye by Sheebah Karungi
Namba Moja by Clarissa Nabulime
Kanyaga by Radio and Weasel
Vanilla by Kalifah AgaNaga ft Sammy Rich
Ondabisa by Critical ft King Saha
Nyo Nyo Nyo by Ray Signature
Samo Dat by Cindy
Mukwano Gwo by Zulanda
Jaburata by KaySwitch FT Pallaso ,Radio and Weasel
Makudde by Daxx Cartel ft Gravity omutujju
Owamanyi by Eddy Kenzo
Daddy by A pass
Dangerous by Ceasorous
Kano Kozze by Winnie Nwagi
Energy by Genesis
International by Genesis
Tubaayo by Beenie Gunter
Zibula atudde by Ashiromaticpro Daone ft Garval Scopion
Tutwitinge by Ashiromaticpro daone ft Garval Scopion
Mukyalawo by GAVO SCOPION
Mpola by Ashiromaticpro Daone ft Nimurod omunyankore
Karo Karunji by Ashiromaticpro Daone ft Frosh And Lenon
Nawe by Clarissa Nabulime
Kajanja Love by Jose Chameleone ft Pallaso
Kyendi Kyendi by Pallaso ft Ziza Bafana, Ronald mayinja, Lilian Mbabazi
Bwolida by Fille
Nsiimye by Chris Evans
Smart Wire by Vampino
Officially by King Saha and Minayo
True Love by Lyto Boss ft Bobi Wine
Binyuma by Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma
Nfuula Zaabu by Radio and Weasel(Goodlyfe) ft Pastor Bugembe
Akaliro by Rema Namakula
Nkwendha by Maro
Bender by Eddy Kenzo
Byooli Byendi by Geosteady
Nyongera by Maurice Kirya and Vampino
Kikomando (Bobi Wine Cover) by Irene Ntale
Mpa Amazzi by Amooti and Kasooto
Essawa by A pass
Do Some Ting by A pass
Sumulula by Pallaso ft Radio and Weasel
Musomesa by Gravity Omutujju
Siba Kwekyo by Spice Diana and Dokta Brain
Gwensonga by Spice Diana
Tukomyewo by St Nelly Sade ft Keko
Winning by A pass
Play it Again by Dj Pius ft Radio and Weasel (Goodlyfe)
Mpuluguma by Daddie Spice
Munakampala by Ykee Benda
Panda Refix by BigTril
Engule by Juliana Kanyomozi and Goodlyfe(Radio and Weasel)
Njagala kuzina by Stainless
Heartbeat by Stainless ft Cyrus
Irie by Stainless ft Andre
Kampala by Stainless
All must there by Stainless ft Andre
Same Lie by Stainless
Mikululo by Cyfa
Tetulikita by Zanie Brown
Tondopa by Lanie Banks
Paranoid by Lanie Banks
What did you do by Fille and Nutty Neithan
Nkwaata by Jose chameleon ft Papa Cidy
Maria by King Saha ft Mickie Wine
Mukyala Mwami by Kalifah AgaNaga
Djay by Bruno K
Gulawo by King Saha
Free Style by Maro
Mavuunya by Ziza Bafana
Bust A shot by The Mith and Nutty Neithan
Babiri Babiri by Don MC and Rainbow
Onsanula by David Lutalo
Magic by Winnie Nwagi
Vawo Awo (Smeagel) by Mun G
GudiGude by Radio and Weasel and Khalifa Aganaga
Darling by Kalifah AgaNaga and Easy Boy Katoto
Embukuuli by Navio
Ndiwabulijjo by Benezeri, Santana, Reazy and pryce teeba
Nkooye by Mun G and Babaritah
Omulembe by Aziz Azion and Sheebah
Katonda Wa Ragga by Ziza Bafana
Mukama by Bobi Wine and Karl Famous
He Go down by Irene Ntale
Ntijisa by Jackie Chandiru and Mesach Semakula
Kadaga by Santana and Miller
Somesa Egwanga by Radio and Weasel
Nze Ngamba by King Saha and Karo Sovie
Love Si Muchezo by Amooti Omubalanguzi and all Comedians
My Moment by Lanie Banks
Mpola by Lanie Banks
My Girl by Lanie Banks
I need You by Lanie Banks
Call Me by Call Me by Ziza Bafana ft Shakira and Rickson
Mwerere by Naira Ali
Ompanise by Naira Ali
Go Down by Ang3lina ft Stino
Mailo by David Lutalo
Atwooki by Maro
Tugenda Na Mbeera by Kalifah AgaNaga
Judas by A pass
Amen by Nutty Neithan
Nakumisi by David Lutalo and Maureen Nantume
Farmer (Remix) by Ykee Benda ft Sheebah
Farma by Ykee Benda
Oluvutu by Zanie Brown
Tunyumirwa by Coco Finger
Six to Six by Starboy 256
Mpola Mpola by Fille
Jjangu Eno(Come Here) by Nutty Neithan
Kyoyagala by Big Tril ft Maurice Kirya
Under Cover by Blackskin and Zulanda
Aidah by Bobi Wine ft Nubian Li
Day Ones by Flex D Paper ft Navio and Martha Smallz
Kisasi Kimu by Sheebah Karungi
Natereza by Maro and King Saha
Fire Hot by Mun g ft Reef HD
Tinga lingali by Ziza Bafana
Disco Disco by Eddy Kenzo
Nkoye Okulowooza by Bruno K
Nsiima by Kalifah Aganaga
Deejay Tutwale by King Saha and Yung Mulo
Tick by Cindy
Tongattika by Chris Evans
Bamukutte by Pallaso
Kiggunda by Kalifah Aganaga
Yah Man by A pass
True Colors by Skylanta
Ninkwenda by Skylanta
Nikwekiri by Skylanta
Hemba by Skylanta
Kilungi by Rema Namakula
Omukisa Mpewo by Radio and Weasel (Goodlyf)
Obupangisa by Daxx Cartel
Omukwano Gwekilo by Irene Ntale
Dagala by Eddy Kenzo
Nothing to Something by Dj Shiru Ft Morgan Isaac, Big Tril, Reef HD and The Mith
Yeye by Wahu and Cindy
Nyama by Pallaso and Rhoda K
Ndi Kumawanga by Chris Evans
Byagana by Radio and Weasel ft Ziza Bafana
Senorita by Yoyo
Mukyakale by Pallaso ft Full Figure
Sema by Bobi Wine, Octopizzo, Maro, Knackeboul and Megaloh
Tonzoleya by Sheeba and Topic
Muliro by Dj Shiru ft Gravity and Eddy Kenzo
Agatako by Dj Pius and Jose Chameleon
She Nana Bad by Jim city and Young Mulo
Oli Mulungi by Bakri
Mama by A pass
I Feel LIke by Young Lean ft Big Tril and Flex d Paper
U dunno by Young Lean and Wayne
Tonight by Young Lean ft Wayne and MH cut
Mukama Oli Muyaye by Amooti and Eli Bulamu
Nsokayo by Zanie Brown
Agalina by Big Eye
Akalulu by Ziza Bafana
Winnie Nwagi by Don Mc Kapaata
Tugezako Bugeza by King Saha and Kalifah Aganaga
Sabatula by Spice diana and Man King
Byakola by Ziza Bafana and Joy Good
Kyekyo by Gravity and samo
Sabulula by David Lutalo
Bikwase Kyagulanyi by Bobi Wine
Bya Love by Amooti, Kelekele, Chiko, Mad Rat, Kapale and Mariach
Tuli Kuki by Spice diana
Wayasay by Spice diana
Mulimu Ki by Nutty Neithan and Mary Bata
Kateebe by Minayo
Byakiyaye by Kazoora and Gravity Omutujju
Whatsapp Chatting by Coco Finger
Mama by Pallaso
Hot Hot by Cindy Sanyu and Nutty Neithan
Nsikatila by Undercover brothers ug
Nalumansi by Kusein ft Feffe Bussi and Nutty Neithan
Horses in the Sky by Maurice Kirya
Part Yawe by Dm Swaga
Obufuzi Nenfuna by Dm Swaga
Nkakusima by Dm Swaga
Nkakukunda by Dm Swaga
Njagala Njagara by Dm Swaga
Kunda Nyowe by Dm Swaga
Julie Nkumisinga by Dm Swaga
Walala by Renah Nalumansi , Anita Da Diva and Leila Kayondo
Kubira Nze by Renah Nalumansi
Nkwagala by B2C ft Maro
Lwaki Tonsasira by Nutty Neithan
Tabuka by Eddie Wizzy ft Nutty Neithan
So deep in Love by Nutty Neithan
Binkubye by Nutty Neithan
Flavia by A pass
Tobitandika by Yung Mulo
Twala byange by Grace Nakimera and David Lutalo
Money (Sente) by Gravity Omutujju ft David Lutalo
Binji by Gravity Omutujju
Nkusaba One Day by Geosteady, Eddy Kenzo, ,Kalifah Aganaga, Tip swizy, Gavana , Ffefe Buusi
Drop by T-Jay
Nantale by Chris Evans
Wadawa by Sheebah ft Chosen
Mwana Gwe by King Saha
Naloo by Grace Nakimera
Bagwamu by Pallaso
Viva Africa by Eddy Kenzo
Lose Control by Beenie Gunter
Manchoolo by Daxx Cartel
Romance by Rabin mula
I miss You by Spice Diana
Silina Kyemanyi by Santana ft Kemishan
Alib' Omu by Naava Grey
Ntwala by King Saha and Dax Vybes
Kibulamu by Winnie Nwagi
Double Trouble by Jose Chameleone
Mbeera Eno by Fille
Simuta by Able Tasha
Wantama by Sheebah Karungi
Only You by Lilian Mbabazi ft. Orezi
Iyoo by Mun g and BigTril
Royal by Eddy Kenzo ft Patoranking
Need Love by Dr Jose Chameleone and Konshens
Manifesto by Leila Kayondo
Baatidde by Yung Mulo
Pam Pam (Remix) by Dr Jose Chameleone and Ketchup
Missing You by Nazzle D Soul
Obuwala by Nazzle D Soul
Lock by Nazzle D Soul
Corinthians 14-40 (Speak in Tongue) by Yaga ft Dazman
Winner by Nutty Neithan and Ronnie Stamina
Winner by Aziz Azion
Nifuata Nikufuate by Minayo and Akidah
Kyewunyisa by Cindy
Eriiso by Radio and Weasel (Goodlyfe) and Unique
Burning Fire by Weasel
Nice And Good by Ceasorous
Engeri Gyokikola by Khalifa AgaNaGa, Fille, Biggz Holiday, Rasta soke, Wool Beta Souljah and Angel
Baveeko by David Lutalo
Nyweza by Irene Ntale
Dont Sweat by Dj Shiru ft Red San
Gamululu (Remix) by A pass and Konshens
Ghetto Love by Yaga
Party(Okikola Otya) by Myco Johnson
Gitawo by Radio and Weasel(Goodlyfe)
Sala Puleesa by Mun G
So fresh by Karo Sovie and Ziza Bafana
Njogereza by Navio
Latona by Bobi Wine ft George Lio
Tuli Majje by Ziza Bafana
Acrobatics by Kezz Wizzy and Spice Diana
Tabula Edagala by Radio and Weasel (Goodlyfe)
Ebintu Byo by Kalifa Aganaga ft Fille
Money (Sente) by Ziza Bafana
Kiggunda by Kalifa Aganaga
Am in Love by Sheebah ft Kitoko
Omwaka Guno by A pass
Situka by Bobi Wine
Wato by Slider
Personal by Slider
Kilila by Slider and Ziza Bafana
Kanzunzu by Slider
Kalyonso by Slider
Party With Me by Freedom
Nze Mbakuba by Freedom
My Life by Keyner and A pass
Going in Hard by Keyner and Wan Rizzy
Kwanini by Keyner and Sliq Teq
Not Exactly by Keyner ft Sliq Teq
Balafu by Keyner ft Naira Ali
Mbelawo (Refix) by Ozak ft K-Shan
Tinkuula by Pallaso and Shakira
Bubble Remix by Pallaso ft Vector
Tempo by Cindy ft Dufla
Gyal Dem by Radio and Weasel (Goodlyfe) Ft Buffalo Soljah
Hot Like That by Cindy
Ndi Wuwee by Khalifah Aganaga
Ka Biscuit by Don Mc Kapata
Tutuuka di by A pass
Sembera by Irene Ntale
Girl Next door by Toniks ft Radio and Weasel (Goodlyfe)
Still Standing by Cindy
SkyWalker by Radio and Weasel(Goodlyfe)
Babawe by Jeff Winslar
Goodbye by Sheebah
Tombowa by Sheebah
Kyatule by King Saha
Nseko by Khalifa Aganaga ft Mina Iza
Ndiwamululu by GeoSteady
Mpanilira by Deena ft Radio and Weasel(Goodlyfe)
Musawo by Winnie Nwagi
Sawa Ya Beer by Radio and Weasel(Goodlyfe)
Sibyamukisa by Rema Namakula
Wandeka by Geosteady , Pretty B, Oj Maxwell and Mc Wangok
Nakwewa by Kalifah Aganaga
King Kong by Kalifah Aganaga
Nseko by Kalifah Aganaga
Oli Wakabi by Rema Namakula and Aziz Azion
Clear(I want Some) by Pallaso and Rhoda K
Shule by Ruyonga

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Oh Na Na

Oh Na Na



Fik Fameica and Nutty Neithan




Fik Fameica
Best Friend

Best Friend

Spice Diana Ft King Saha

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Oh Na Na

Oh Na Na



Fik Fameica


Best Friend

Best Friend

Spice Diana Ft King Saha
Sili Muyembe

Sili Muyembe

Rema Namakula