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Nina Roz

Nina Roz

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Artist Biography

Nina Kankunda famously know as “Nina Roz” is a SINGER/SONGWRITER/ MODEL. Born in the capital of kampala in kibuli mutajazi to business woman, Lucy Mbabazi and Hajji Gitta Salongo, Nina was born one, though she has other siblings in a household that was filled with music from day one. Nina whose dual heritage of western Uganda and Rwandese blood. Nina was educated at St Stephens COU primary school, Kakungulu s.s, and then Trinity college Mityana.

 Nina Roz is the young undergraduate of International University of East Africa studied Bachelor's of Business Administration, who has given it a break at second year due to unavoidable circumstances hence concentrating on music. Nina says that she will fight on until fame embraces her. Nina's unique voice, singing, performing skills, sense of style and fashion mesmerized whoever listened to her.
 In my own words, "I am Nina Roz, an artist, performer, model and I love music. Though my friends say I am a songstress others a diva but in all, I am Nina Roz. Please support me though my musical journey because I want to be the artist the world needs to Grace. WATCH ME!!!"
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