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Artist Biography

Amaru' whose name means "I love" (in Alur) and 'I have loved" (in Luo) is a Ugandan Born Singer and Songwriter currently based in New York City. Born into a musical family where she was fathered by a very gifted singer and instrumentalist and mothered by a singer, she fell in love with Music at a very tender age. Throughout a lot of her Teenage years however, she shied away from singing in front of audiences and turned to writing poetry in stead. During these years, she began to nurture her gift as a song-writer. It was in her mid-teenage years that she wrote one of her first songs, which about 2 years later, ended up winning the Senior Music Category at The International Schools Talent Show hosted by Rainbow International School, Uganda in 2009. Amaru's lyrics and music are all inspired by real life experiences, fantasies, passions, emotions and are messages she longs to communicate. She has always written and sang to escape her troubles, find freedom, express her passions and find a way to deal with tough moments in her life. Her Actor's training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, has imparted in her a strong respect and value for Truth, which is the core of her work. She believes that Art not founded on Truth is lifeless and hopes to create Music that inspires (breathes life into), affects and changes the people that encounter it. She refers to her style of Music as Soul-Truth. Amaru's ultimate goal as an Artist is that her audiences will somehow encounter her Source and Everything: The Almighty GOD, the Giver of Life and in Him find true Freedom

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