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Aminah Rahman

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Artist Biography
Aminah Rahman is a Spanish singer-songwriter born in the city of Lubaga- Kampala, Uganda on 31 May 1999, and currently living in Menorca, where she moved in 2010 along with her mother, the soul singer Zayna Abbas. Aminah’s professional music career began in 2016, when she joined the Maó Jazz Band as a vocalist, which allowed her to take part in a number of live Jazz events and earn experience on stage. Mixing a blend of styles ranging from folk, Jazz and soul to electronic and modern pop, she is now working on the compositions that will be included in her first solo album called Endlessly Emotions that will see the light during 2021.
Information about the song
I think “Dear African Girl” is one of the most beautiful and powerful song I have ever composed, and it was very important for the chorus to be in my mother tongue (Luganda).
It is aimed at all black women who have felt inferior because of the simple fact of having a different skin color and that has led them to want to change it to feel loved, forgetting where they came from.
A song to remind all of them that we must accept and love ourselves as we are; strong, beautiful and intelligent women. Only then will we live happily and at peace with ourselves and we will be able to achieve everything we set out to do.
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Aminah Rahman
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