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Artist Biography
HerbertSkillz The Soundmaker the producer who’s been behind so many hit songs
Dramuke Herbert alis HerbertSkillz has been in the music industry since 2008 the same year the whole Ugandan music industry took a big turn from the boring local music to the urban world class music and his first studio was non other than the kamwokya based Glory Sound Studio and then later on graduated to Eddy Yawe’s Dream Studio where he produced so many songs from and mastered his game better
He later on Moved on to Mask Studios where he produced songs for Arafat & Magla ..Songs like ''Oh Boy magma ,Neighbour Maurice Hasa ,Onkuba peter miles etc..Herbertskillz Met Jade SoundMakers (Wife of Skillz). Started Sound Makers Studio together where Herbertskillz produced 
 Bobiwine’s greatest album Kigwa Leero which has songs like; Kiggwa Leero, Paradiso, Nakumiss, Tomusobola, Ndayira ft Nubian li, Badmind ft. Queen Patra and new more tunes in the studio cooking
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