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J C Muyonjo

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Artist Biography

J.C Muyonjo is a Ugandan singer, Song writer and guitarist. His interest in music can be traced back to his childhood days. while growing up he was exposed to a lot of music from his late Father’s Album collection of different music genres ranging from Lingala, Country music and contemporary ballads of that time however his younger uncle also introduced him to a world of old-school Hip-hop and Rap with artistes such as 2pac, LLcool J and B.I.G who all had major rotation with in the house they lived and their lyrical prowess and poetry got him interested in writing.

He later gravitated towards singing after finally discovering RnB and Soul musicians like Lauryn Hill, Usher, John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, Jonathan Butler, Des’ree and Maxwell who have majorly influenced his sound and style as a singer and writer. Learning how to play the guitar didn’t happen until he was 19 years old after saving up for one and also joining a Church Band called wellsprings at All Saints Cathedral Kampala mainly as a singer. This was very instrumental in helping him grow, learn and craft a style and approach to how he expresses himself as a performer.

J.C marries his music with 3 main dialects which are; English, Lutooro and Luganda. also a touch of RnB, neo-soul, blues, jazz and afro beat is what you will hear because he doesn’t believe in the notion of being boxed or categorized in one particular style. Inspiration for his content stems from his convictions as a Christian and experiences of everyday life in general.

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J.C Muyonjo

J.C Muyonjo ft Ruyonga

J.C Muyonjo

J.C Muyonjo

J.C Muyonjo
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