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Kali 21

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Artist Biography

Kali 21 is a Fresh Fired up Music & Dance artist from Uganda living in Uganda.

He is of the hip hop genre, in addition loves soul music and uncontrollably a dance genius who reflects all of these as a God given.

I create music and dance performances for all of you who love an art with life that is fun,

thought provoking and conscience awakening. Done events here and there in my country, Uganda , still a young journey but an old ethic , been doing music for some time now.

To check it out, one can follow me on twitter @kali2one on facebook via Kali Bbala and my youtube channel under the name kali 21

or even simply goggling Kali 21. I make music off the direction of being non rebellious to the giver of gifts and not to be unclear, God, my purpose is to create an uplifting art for we are what / as we think

then i also like to rave it up when i get the opportunity which it always is when i get one to perform.

Am a dancer as already mentioned and not an average at it because i like all these arts i can take on a professional if that was the measure of how good one is but i rather take on the crowd

and give them a spirit lifting performance one that inspire a youngen or even a peer and or even older person to do something amazing with their own gifts not necessarily music or dance.

I believe in Good inspiring Good. Am a believer the kind that hopes and asks for grace to shine out my belief than rather say a lot.


I work for excellence in my art nothing i do is light in terms of weight as i would attribute to excelling but that's a basic for any creator i guess it stems from the overall standard who we are a reflection of.   

Brain Cell is my build up and music group or movement and everyone who rocks with it, The Mind. 

"power your Mind" 

Artist Songs

Kali 21 ft Sonny Soweez

Kali 21

Kali 21

Kali 21

Kali 21

Kali 21

Kali 21

Kali 21
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