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Artist Biography
Mary Nantayiro (Maryna) is a Ugandan born singer but raised and based  in Denmark.   Mary’s music is inspired from her African background. The genre is dancehall, zouk,Afrobeat. 
She professionally kicked off her music carrier in 2016 with a release of her Ep "Live your life". In 2017 Mary began working on her music album " Voice of souls" and on it, she released more audio songs like " Ondobesa" , "Mpookya" which popularized her more in Uganda her home land and in other African countries aswel.
Mary is known mostly of performing live and she has perfomed at big platforms like at fx in Denmark,Uganda's independence celebrations both in 2016 & 2017, At the welcoming party of Uganda's Prime minister (Katikkiro) in may 2016, at the biggest African festivals in Denmark such as the "waka waka festival 2017 , Afro dress up festival,The Bob Marley tribute show and many others. She has shared platforms with biggest superstars like Davido,Afrigo-Band (from Uganda) ,Morgan heritage and many more.
- This  year (2018) she is  nominated as the best female afrobeats female artist representing African artists in Scandinavians 
- She will officially  be releasing her music  album titled “Voice Of Souls”  in May 2018. 
Contacts; Facebook - Mary Nantayiro
               Instagram- marynantayiromusic_maryna 
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