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Artist Biography

Nalugya Brenda (born in 1991), known by her stage name Mastif, is a Ugandan female Hip Hop artist.  Inspired by the famous American female rapper namely EVE, Mastif began her hip hop career in 2009.  After recording the first song with some of her schoolmates in the same year, she went on to feature in various songs of underground musicians around her neighborhood of Kawempe (the outskirt of Kampala city). Unfortunately, none of the songs managed to penetrate the very competitive music industry of Uganda. She didn’t give up though. She kept doing a low-profile music, as she was pursuing her teaching studies.

In the late 2013, Mastif was introduced to a Tanzanian songwriter and music promoter called Roggie. Residing in Kampala, Roggie was striving to find an amateur female music artist whom he can develop to become one of the dominant female rappers in East African Community. So when Mastif met him, she knew that was a breakthrough she was waiting for.

Mastif’s debut song titled “In the game” was released in December 2015. The song which meant to introduce Mastif into the music industry, was produced at Vision Studio in Entebbe. The song managed to reach over 3,000 online viewers in just 2 days.

Mastif has big plans in 2016. She is looking to release at least 3 songs, with the next one expected to be released in the first quarter of the year.  She is also aspiring to work with various East African big artists.

Apart from music, Mastif likes swimming, watching movies, travelling and eating pizza. Mastif can be reached through her facebook page titled ‘Mastif.” She is also on Instagram as mastifbrenda.



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