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Artist Biography

Pesh Melon, born Nimwesiga Patience is a female Ugandan Recording artist, Vocalist and Model, she's been a music junkie ever since she was aged six, From her primary school, she featured in multiple school choir songs and she was the leader vocalist there, she always sung two music sections namely tenor and alto in her school choir. Before proffesionally recording her own jams, just like any other artist Pesh Melon started by doing covers for some artists' songs e.g Memories by A Pass,  Ani Oyo by Pallaso, among others.

She started recording her own songs in 2020, 
That year was a blessing to Pesh Melon because she also secured an opportunity to back one of the well established  artists' song titled "Malamu" by Pallaso, so, she's the one who backed Pallaso's Malamu, a hit song that took and still taking ugandans by Storm, 
The chances of Pesh Melon becoming a global icon seem to be more and more because of her well blended vocals and selfstyle.
She's not yet signed to any management or record label  but she once associated with One Switch Entertainment, Meaning that the multi talented Pesh Melon is up for grabs for any record label or serious management willing to invest megabucks in her music and brand.
For the little time she's been in the industry, Pesh Melon has worked with multiple producers including Ian Pro, TJ, Eddie Dee, among others.  She has also associated with a few artists including Celebrated Pallaso, Delton Yo, among others, and on a remarkable note, that Delton Yo has a big hand in Pesh Melon's branding since the two are cousins.
Pesh Melon apparently dwells in Kampala Uganda.
She's A recording artist, Vocalist, Actress and Model.
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Pesh Melon
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