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Artist Biography

Karungi Sheebah aka Sheebah is a musician who was part of Obsessions from Uganda that she joined in April 2007 and left in Dec 2009.

This was an experience for Sheebah, She learnt how to deal with the different people and the challenges faced at the same time. Four girls in the same house always had their disagreements. The fact that she had to catch up yet she had no experience. It took her a lot of time to catch up. This was always fun until management changed. At this point she was 18 yrs old. She reached a point when she could not take somethings and had to think about her career. She eventually quit Obsessions for her own solo career because she felt like she could do and achieve more on her own.

When she left Obsessions, she launched the fashion house and she opened up a shop called ‘Sheeebah’s Boutique and closed it. She plans to open up another one called ‘K-Sheebah’ at the end of the year and plans to use celebrities as models.

She released her first song in 2010 called Kunyenyenza written by Cindy and produced by Washington. The song received some airplay though it was not a hit. Did not know the ropes in the industry. She later released Bulikyekola ft KS Alpha. After she released Baliwa written by Tickie-Tah and produced by Blue Prints. She later released her  single ‘Automatic’ ft Sizza Man and Sindika Njake written by Don MC and since then,she has never slipped back.


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