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Ssemakula Grace aka slider. Born on 01/01/1992, Leaves Makindye. I was born in a big family of 8, 4boys and 4girls ...and am the second last...

I started my First kindergarten classes at Jingles Kindergarten in Jinja then came to Makindye for my primary and joined new progressive primary school. That's when I discovered my talent as a dancer ...Hhahahahah not to mention a lot of scholarships started coming my way and thanks to my supportive family I finished my primary, and that’s when I went back to Jinja for my secondary and joined St. Nua S.S.S for my O'level then joined Lubiri S.S.S for My A'level.

I started dancing from way back in my early classes and that’s when people stated calling me ''SLIDER'' Bt y SLIDER...well I grew up watching usher's dance moves and always wanted to be like him dream didn't die cause trust me, I really got his moves in me.. After my school time I start my career as a dancer and that's when I came up with a dance group ... The V.DANCERS which later turned into a company.

Now two years back I again discovered something so special that was hidden inside of me something so valuable, the potential to sing. It wasn’t easy at first cause I had always danced on other people’s songs BUT this time it was to dance on my own music.. Thanks to producer Didi I realized my first single “WATO WATO” which went all over the media than I expected it would...thanks to you all my fans who brought confidence in me and since then singing became part of me

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