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Spice Diana

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Artist Biography

Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana is a promising female Diva from Uganda.
She went to kibuli Demonstration school then she joined Nsambya SSS, Kampala citizen.

After careful consideration and series of meetings and lobbying Twinkle Star and AgaNaga signed the promising Diva in July 2014 Diana by then she had a single Onsunula which went on to top local charts.

Prior too Spice Diana was being managed by Dr Fizol of Avie Records the producer behind Maros hits like Genda Ewamwe etc. He willing handed over the act to the parties. She now has a six track album.

In the new arrangement AgaNaga shall take and enjoy artistic and creative credit while Twinkle Star shall take and enjoy managerial, promotional and publicity credit. Twinkle Star shall also exclusively represent and book Kalifah and Spice either together or independently

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